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Location, location, location.

The UECE Lisbon Meetings  in Game Theory and Applications will be held at the Instituto Superior de Economia e Gestao da Universidade de Lisboa. The main address is Rua do Quelhas, 6, 1200-781 Lisbon (see maps below).

All rooms are located in the Quelhas 6 building, also known as the Convento das Inglesinhas, a 17th century building overlooking the rest of the campus [lat. N38o42’35.734”, long. W9o09’27.184”].

Participants without mobility problems are advised to use the main entrance at Rua das Francesinhas [lat. N38o42’37.588”, long. W9o09’17.129”], by the Francesinhas 2 building, and climb the outdoor stairs, on the left-hand side, to Quelhas 6. Participants with mobility problems may use either the car-park entrance at Rua Miguel Lupi [lat. N38o42’39.229”, long. W9o09’21.672”] or the one at Rua do Quelhas [lat. N38o42’34.607”, long. W9o09’20.671”].

To sleep...

Besides a vast array of opportunities on AirBnB, and a large number of hostels, the following is a list of hotels conference participants have used in the past. The closest areas to the conference site are Santos, Estrela, Lapa, Príncipe Real, Chiado, Bairro Alto, and Cais do Sodré.

York House Hotel Lisboa


As Janelas Verdes

Lisbon Sao Bento Hotel


Memmo Príncipe Real


Bairro Alto Hotel

Hotel da Estrela


Casa de São Mamede


Hotel Dom Carlos (Park or Liberty)

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