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Organized Sessions.

Every year we invite a number of experts in the fields covered by our conference to organize sessions. Each session organizer is responsible for selecting three related papers that will be part of the session. Here the list of the session organizers that, so far, confirmed their contribution to the 11th edition of the Lisbon Meetings (In Progress):


Ettore Panetti (Banco de Portugal & ISEG/UECE)

Eva Schliephake(Católica SBE) 


Mostafa Beshkar (Indiana University)

Experimental and Behavioral Economics

Luís Santos-Pinto (University of Lausanne)

Alexander Coutts (Nova SBE)


Lars Ehlers (Université de Montréal)

Ana Mauleon (Saint-Louis University & CORE, University of Louvain)

Expectations and Social Influence Dynamics

Vincent Vannetelbosch (University of Louvain)

Mechanism Design

João Correia da Silva (João Correia da Silva)

Game Theory

Telmo Peixe (ISEG)

Emma Moreno-García (Universidad de Salamanca)

Carlos Herves Beloso (Universidad de Vigo)

Marta Faias (Universidade Nova de Lisboa) 

Lars Ehlers (Université de Montréal)

Frank Page (Indiana University) 


Frank Page (Indiana University) 

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