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Best Graduate Paper.

Since 2014, the Lisbon Meetings award a prize to the best paper written by graduate students. All papers, whose (all) authors are graduate students at the moment of submission, are eligible.

Recent winners:

2024 Hyungmin Park (University of Warwick), "A Theory of Developmental Dictatorship"

2023 Karolina Vocke (University of Innsbruck), "Anonymity and Stability"

2018 Niccolò Lomys (Toulouse School of Economics), "Learning while Trading: Experimentation and Coasean Dynamics"

2017 Lin Shen and Junyuan Zou (University of Pennsylvania), "Intervention with Voluntary Participation in Global Games"

2016 Allen I.K. Vong (Yale University), "Strategic Manipulation in Tournament Games"

2015 Mirjam Salish (Bonn Graduate School of Economics), "Learning Faster or More Precisely? Strategic Experimentation in Networks"

2014 Maia King (Queen Mary University of London), "Reputation and Cooperation in Networks".

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